Internal Stillness is must for any meaningful contribution to this world

Human mind is like a sea, mostly rough at the shore but calm at the core!

The real human feat is to reach the core and achieve this stillness. It’s not the roughness, but it’s the stillness which gives the ocean as well as humans their strength.

Humans have this tendency to get attracted to novelty. In today’s world we are inundated with avalanche of information which robs us of our attention. Lack of attention creates roughness in our internal world. It creates anxiety, which often leads to depression. Moreover, the burning urge to react to this constant flow of novelty keeps us busy in with low or no value generating activities. The biggest tragedy is these activities give us a false sense of being informed and active. Neither being informed is helping you in some great way, nor being reactionary to this information saving you any time to do some great work which can add long term value to society or even your own life.

We need to achieve the internal stillness to become equanimous in all situations. In fact, being compassionate but non-reactive is the art which needs to be inculcated and rehearsed over time.  

Here we need to draw clear distinction between being compassionate and being empathetic. Empathy generally disturbs our internal peace. When we step into the shoes of someone else in pain, we start suffering his or her pain. Which often makes us feeble and reduces our capacity to genuinely be of help. Compassion on the other hand is understanding the issue at hand from all perspectives and trying to be of help wherever feasible.

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